Oh :) Yes

Oh :) Yes

In our quest to encourage !! positive vibes only !!  in this house and these hearts, Husband and I keep BREAKING NEWS to a bare minimum. I mean, we’ll tune in if it’s the real deal, but since it seems every single everything is deemed !!!! BREAKING!!!!! nowadays,  staying away has birthed a mental advantage, FOR SURE.


& yeah, if the tv is on, we’ll binge an episode or two of whatever show happens to pull us into it’s vortex, reminisce with MeTV and the good ol’ days or hunker down with Chicago Bears football. That’s pretty much it and that’s fine with us ’cause background music always = ahhhhhh.

Last week though, I found myself on the couch more times than usual while fighting the snorts and sniffles of a cold so flipping channels to find the perfect distraction is what is was and The History Channel is where we lingered with


Silly Putty

being the focus of the hour. And long story short ??


And Lesson Learned ??


That drumbeat, that voice, that continual Oh Yes I Can is there for a reason, my friends, so if you feel it, DO IT. Don’t listen to those doggone naysayers and cynics, follow YOU, believe YOU, BE YOU. And every time you get knocked down or discouraged, you pick yourself up and try again. And again. Seriously. Think of all the inventions or books or art or inspiration or ideas or fantastic this or that’s this world would be denied if creative souls had paid attention to the doubters.


You. Can.

I. Can.


Hey, Universe ?? I hear and I thank you for your ever-present, delightfully consistent nudge. My eyeballs are open, my mindset renewed. And today’s BREAKING NEWS sees Slinky, Silly Putty, History and !! Determination !! in a whole new light.

And keep on keeping on, I soooooo will.

! 🙂 !!

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