… and everyone …

… and everyone …

Feels like a good day for a rerun.


Christmas songs.

I never realize how much I adore those merry melodies until they become my everywhere background music
& the holiday tune I am enjoying the absolute most these days is, My Grown Up Christmas List.
I swear that wonderful song is shadowing me.


I hear it in the car.
I’ve heard it at stores and restaurants
& I know I’ll hear it when I’m walking my walk or riding my exercise bike because it’s on my !! favorite !! playlist.


Yep, that beautiful melody keeps finding it’s way into my orbit
& is constantly replaying in my head.

and everyone would have a friend

That’s my favorite line
& just thinking about those words make me want to curl up in a ball and weep.
Rivers of happy.
Buckets of sad.

Why ?
Envision, if you will,  how very wonderful life could be if we all had a friend.

That’s it.
Problems solved.

If everyone had a friend we would all have someone to love
& someone to love us.
We’d all have a person.

A person to talk to and confide in.
A person to share good times and bad.
A person who understands and encourages.
A person who would make us feel special

& if each and every single one of us could feel as uniquely special as we truly are … ? …


… and everyone …

sniffle. sniffle.
hey, could someone hand me a box of Kleenex, please ? and while you’re at it …
Here’s a BIG HUG

Have a very, VERY happy today, Friend.


You Matter