Positively Eye Opening

Positively Eye Opening

It began as a passing, I’m sooooo tired of giving him my energy,  shifted to, then DON’T, took a fast curve towards, we should try our best to eliminate negativity  from our conversations, and morphed into A SWEAR JAR !! remember those ??!?? we’ll make a POSITIVE VIBES ONLY jar !! where pessimism = drop a dollar and reword your sentence

& by golly !! I think Husband and I are going to give it a try.

I mean, I know I talk the talk as I share words each day and I promise, I try my very best to stay within bright and light and happy thoughts as I walk through my 24’s, but if I’m being honest ??  there are certain individuals who reside on this planet that really, truly bring out the not so nice in me and yes, I allow them waaaaay tooooo many moments inside my brain.

So a week. Starting today (or most likely tomorrow, as I’ve been known to wander into sidetrack ) we’ll give it a week !! And in seven days, I will offer an update.


& I’m thinking, weeeeeee !! Accentuate the positive !! is what we’ll do !!

Beautiful sunrises. A perfect cup of coffee. A smile from our neighbor. Very little traffic with plenty of green lights on our way to wherever. Awesome background music. Kindness from strangers. Laughter with friends. Delicious food choices. Heartfelt thank yous and pleasant encounters. A just because from a sweet soul. Chirping birds and giggly children. A happy, content heart. Gorgeous sunsets … THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ABSOLUTELY ENDLESS !!

But can we ?? will we ??


Hey, POSITIVE VIBES ONLY jar ?? THIS is going to be a very eyeball opening week.


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