This Dream

This Dream

& if that don’t turn a heart into a melted ball of mushy mush ??


It’s those little souls and their genuine reviews I treasure most, for it’s to them, I speak.

But if not for the big people, the parents and grandparents, the aunties and uncles, the friends and cousins and teachers, brothers and sisters and random niceys who take time out of their busyness to read to the children …


or place my books onto their paths …

that fill up my insides with a super-duper, proud and confident ! YAY ! ’cause you know how long it’s taken to get my writer’s ego to this here and now.

So today, I am passing out BIG HUGS to YOU, the followers of this blog,

and the sharers of these stories,

You are the keepers of my words and I thank you for inspiring, for lifting, for continually reminding me that anything and everything is possible. Your belief in me is PURE GOLD and together ???  oooooooh, Together !!

This dream is happening.














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