Lumpy Ant Hills

Lumpy Ant Hills

I wish I had taken their picture for there were many on my yesterday’s walk. Many. Spread out here and there and stacked ever so tidily, like a newly constructed village, a village of ant hills. It had rained the night before though, and those darkened lumps on the ground and in the grass looked rather unsightly, as if a bigger critter had come along with an upset stomach and … eww.

& so, I kept trudging, focused on my step count, the loveliness of Autumn and YaY,  I snapped this beauty instead.


but still, I kept thinking about those minuscule mounds . I should have taken a few snapshots and deleted if they looked too gross, I shoulda …. coulda … oh well, I lost the chance and it is what it is … and those wet, icky, ant hills will remain exactly where they’re hunkered …

& there sits the view that continues to dance through my brain as I listen to the tap, tap, tapping of the insistent, consistent early morning rain. Those doggone ants are going to have to rebuild. Again.

& imagine if we humans were placed in the same predicament, every, single time the weather does what the weather naturally and skillfully does … wham-o, time to start over

and over

and …


Try. Try. Try.
Do. Do. Do.

It’s really rather remarkable when one takes the time to think about it.
They’re ANTS.

Thanks, Mother Nature, your lesson is most definitely learned
& yep, Lumpy Ant Hills, YOU are truly amazing !! and next time ??? ooooh, next time !!

I am soooooo taking a pic.

! 🙂 !

Oh Yes I Can



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