Oh Mom, you always had a subtle, giggly way of making a point and crossing paths with this word sooooo many times these days just makes me laugh and laugh and ! haaaaaaaa ! laugh.

Prosperous was Mom’s way of shhhhh !! you never heard this from me, butttttt, it looks like (insert name) has gained some weight & shhhhh !! I’d, as to not hurt feelings, agree, shhhhhh !!

Funny thing ? Somewhere down the line and the older I get, I have become a persistent plop-per of placing a person (aka Sister) smack dab in front of me for family pictures and group selfies and such … & yep, check it out, there’s me, tucked in the back, hoping not to be noticed. And yikes, Mom, it seems as if I’m the one feeling the weight (pun intended) of prosperity these days.

But why ????? I wonder.

Why ?

Daughter informs, it might be a pinch of …

but I’ll place all my cards on good, ol’ fashion …

& the more I own up to that lovely description, the happier I become

& delightfully prosperous, in every little bitty sense of the word, I am.

Thanks, Mom.








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