Gifting Glee

Gifting Glee

You’re playing awesome, Dude !! or words to that effect, I HIGH-FIVED encouraged as Grandson paused during his very first flag football game of the season.

We’re gonna lose, he ever so casually, not one care in the world, matter of fact-ly responded, And yeah, he was probably right, I silently agreed. The opposing team looked like they had been in this situation a few times before, with their easily accomplished trick plays and zippy ways. But happily back to Coach and Team that little soul trotted, smiles and determined glee leading his way

& WoW, I mused.


Earlier that day, his older brother had inquired if I was aware of the fact he had written two books. WHAT ??!?? WHEN ?? SHOW ME PLEASE !!  And as I thumbed through his sentences, applauded his illustrations and reminded him to save these authored originals FOR-EV-ER !! I was tumbled back in time to where this writing bug began for me … and how I’ve evolved  in so, sooooooo many ways

& yep, Grandsons, it’s been one heck of a ride with life lessons every little bitty step of the way. And if I can offer any advice, it would be exactly what you two gifted me on Sunday.

So YaY.

Here’s to keeping it we’re gonna lose light and bright on those not so delightful days.

Cheers to remaining proud of your every accomplishment

& always, ALWAYS hold onto the simple happiness of hearing that ice cream truck rolling through your neighborhood

& ! weeeeeee !



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