With Your T-Formation

With Your T-Formation

Pulled from the archives on this Chicago Bears Home Opener.

! Enjoy !


Once, just ONCE !! I would love to borrow a brain and peek through the eyeballs of someone who really, REALLY knows football.

ooooooo weeeeee !! now, THAT would be fascinating !!

To observe the in’s and outs, the how to, where’s and why’s of this sport I adore exactly like those masterminds view it ?? to understand the calculations and computing, analyzing and the every single everything-s of it all ???


But alas.
I mean, I get it, but I don’t. I comprehend, but most of the time I don’t have a doggone clue, and truth be told ?? when I’m asked “DID YOU SEE THAT HOLD ??!!??”

err, uh.
No. I did not SEE THAT HOLD because I have not mastered the idiosyncrasies of it all and honestly ?? I probably never will.
But. If I do say so myself !! I HAVE improved IMMENSELY throughout these years of being a fan and I can hold my own, to a limited extent, in a conversation about the game so !! YaY !! I’m getting there

& yes, you will see that I hoot and holler, rejoice and carry on !! I sing and ring and make a million happy noises when our points tally more than theirs and I take it to heart and hide under a blanket when we come up short, but don’t for one second deem me an expert. I’m most definitely not … because when I watch that game …

Oh, when I watch that game …

Have you ever noticed the precision ? The teamwork ? The timing and inches ? The unbelievable maneuvering and split second decisions ?  The practice that route and stick to the plan and if you believe you can and do your best, if you have your teammates’ back, no matter what !! and treat the guy on the bench with the same respect you give that future Hall of Fame-r,  if you listen to you coach’s BE YOU mantra and if you become HIGH FIVE, best buddies with every stranger on the street cause  !! WE WON !!!!! Oh. Yeah. THAT’S the hopeful mindset I’ll be looking through and THAT’S why I LOVE football !!!

But, once. Just ONCE ..!!.. umm, then again ??

I think I’ll stick with these eyeballs.

!! weeeeeeeeeee !!


Oh Yes I Can