& yep, Respect

& yep, Respect

So. There we were bright and early yesterday morn, with our long list of don’t forgets, a non-squeaky grocery cart and my grumbles of urgh !! BIG Shopping Day, I’m sooooooo not a fan.

We get there at the very crack of dawn to avoid other humans accomplishing this same agonizing chore ’cause you know what they say about early birds …

& yes, I complain and I gripe and I DON’T WANNA over and over again, but when Old Mother Hubbard has nothing in those cupboards, I’ll adjust my attitude to get ‘er done.

I take notice as I’m entering buildings these days, is a mask required or as a happy FULLY, is this decision totally  mine ? Most times, I’ll plop it in place, regardless. I mean, why not ?? I’m protecting you, you’re protecting me

& YaY.

Today, I’d like to thank the kind souls who do the same, who listen to Science, who first in line, quietly and confidentially, rolled up the sleeve and took that vaccine, who to this day are practicing social distancing and doing their part to contain the beast called Covid Delta Variant.

I. Appreciate. YOU.

Because little do you know, Husband has had his share of medical issues and we sooooo don’t want to take our chances, to go back there. We do what we need to do.

It occurred to me as I was dodging you and your groceries yesterday, YOU’RE doing what you need to do too

& yep, Respect,

it’s that simple.


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