Get It. Got It. Good.

Get It. Got It. Good.

I type.
I delete.
I type.
I delete.
I argh.
I grrrr.
I fuss.
Until finally,
I tip my head back.
I close my eyes.
I wait.

Oh, Inspiration.
Where are you ??!!?

Yep. That was me this a.m. grasping at elusive words, stepping away from my laptop and sighing nope, not today.  But it wasn’t until I was walking my walk when !! YES !! I remembered.

A. Hawk.

Sitting perfectly still next to me in my dream, strong and majestic, comfortably hunkered, as if we were lifelong BFFs catching up on things

& at that precise moment on that awesome trail, I glanced upwards

& if you know anything about me, you KNOW the second I found my way back to my vehicle I googled,


I agreed,

yep ! my energies have been feeling a bit off balanced these days.

And I thanked my hawk buddies.

I get it. I got it.

I’m good.



Oh Yes I Can

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