Valid Until

Valid Until

I wrote these words in 2017, happened upon them yesterday and, for whatever reason, am feeling the need to share today

… so …

. . . . .  . . . .

Expiration dates. We were talking expiration dates
& have you noticed ??
They are everywhere.

On food.
Credit cards.
Lottery tickets …
You name it !! the Best When Used By, Valid Until day is almost always mentioned
& honored
because who wants to take a swig of milk that’s gone bad ?!?

But, how’s about expiration dates on people ???

We all have one
& we all know we all have one.
Should the fact that we aren’t privy to our dates make a difference in how we treat each other and our finite time ?

What if we knew ?
What if I knew your date and you knew mine ?
Would that change our feelings about each other ?
Would it matter ?
Would we be kinder, gentler ?
If you knew I had, say, ten days of life left, how would you react ?
& how would we interact ?

hmmm. That’s deep.


What if ?

Would we see each other in a whole new light ?
Would the grumpy guy on the train be more tolerable ?
Would the lady with too many days be annoying ?

Apathy ?
Empathy ?
Envy ?
Jealously ?
Compassion ?
Genuineness ?


Sure makes a mind wonder doesn’t it ?
Admit it.
It does !!
Hopefully it also allows a mind, our minds, to adjust,
to change,
to see each Limited Edition human being through a more loving pair of eyeballs.

. . . . . . . . . .

So. There you go. And as we waltz into a weekend of celebrating this lovely land we call ♥ Home ♥

Be safe.

Be happy.

Be nice.