Of Thee I Sing

Of Thee I Sing

Well, weeeeeeee.
I don’t know about you, but D A N G, I sure had fun ! Laughter, CANNONBALLS


puppy decorations

and sparkler toasts

Parades and music and sunshine

and gleeeeeeee.

You gotta admit, life seriously does not get much better than that !

& yep, it’s Tuesday, but it sure feels like Monday
& uh huh, I’m awfully tired too
& no, I don’t want to get back to my “normal” just yet
not yet

So, wait.
Before we pick up the pieces of America’s awesome birthday bash and step into the grind of our every day,
I need to ask just one, little bitty, teeny tiny, favor.


Remember it, remember this
while you’re at it, bottle it up and pass it around.

The pride, the joy.
The !! I’m so darn enthused to be an American !! revelry.
The red, white and blue burst of happy.
The life is !! sweet !! and I’m SO. INCREDIBLY. FORTUNATE.


Can we all hang onto THAT, please ?

Because the noise machine will be revving up again
& those ugly chatter gurus will turn it on and persist.
They will pester, they will tap, tap, tap insist, we are a nation divided
& we’re really not suppose to like each other
& see the guy over there ?!?
He’s your enemy
so don’t you dare be decent
or respectful
or nice.



Please, let’s please !! hold on and remember every single one of the one for all, all for one moments.
The God Bless America
oh beautiful for spacious skies
my country ’tis of thee
and and and

Cause you love this land
& I love this land
& the guy down the street and the gal on the bus truly love this land too
you know you felt it and I know I feel it.
That appreciation of country, that precious proud.

!! America !!



Let’s remember.
Let’s try.
Let’s please BE a little more America.