Better Better

Better Better

Repeated … because Better Better has arrived.

! Enjoy !

You know what fills my heart with happy ?

It’s when someone I love returns to better. When they’ve been lost, but now are found. When they rediscover their groove and revisit the place they were before life bumped them off their path. When they become themselves again. When they circle back to joy and that awesome power of BE-ing

& since they have confided their most dismal days and opened up their broken bits to me and since I have witnessed the hurt and ache

seeing the turnaround we both knew could and would and MUST eventually happen ???


It’s love and friendship. It’s sisterhood and brotherhood. It is trust and hope and faith at it’s very core. It is absolutely and wonderfully enlightening. And you want to know what’s even better than the better of their better ??!!??

Knowing when it is I who happen to find myself in a not so delightful spot and it is I who needs to be carried,  it is they who will be simply, quietly, no questions asked returning that favor

& to this I say, YaY

& Thanks


Welcome Back, YOU.

I knew you could. WE know we can.

With You For You And You