I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve bumped into this number,
so random,
so just because
so ! poof ! there it is !





& since I adore signs and such, I googled numerology to find out what, what ?? WHAT does it mean when 428 keeps jumping onto my path !?!

& golly angels !! Funny you should whisper go silent because that’s exactly what my vibe has been urging me to do for quite some time now. shhhhh. back off. take a break from this daily ritual, put these precious early morning hours to better use, use my time more efficiently …


But here’s the thing, my spirit pals,


And I soooooo want to keep nudging even though it often seems I am speaking to a wall, I must keep doing. So how’s about we compromise ? How’s about we put an end to the every single everyday-ness and just send out bursts of happy whenever the mood inspires. This way, I can finish the poems and publish those books and continue on a this awesome path of writing.

Because ENDURE.

I need to endure.


Hey !! 428 !! 

I get it. I got it.

I will.

Oh Yes I Can






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