& Kindness

& Kindness

A few whiles ago when Husband and I spent many of our days driving to and fro and back and forth, I began a habit of placing

and/or this

in hotel room Bibles.

Why ??

Because I am a big believer in the universe, in destiny, in paths crossing, in perfect timing and because maybe, just maybe, someone sitting in that room after I’ve moved on will be searching for a happy, little something to brighten their day.

Psalm 18 is where I’d tuck.

Why ??

Because it’s my favorite.

He placed me free in the open and rescued me because he loves me

are the words that found me when I needed them most, the words I’ve clung to time after time again.

So. There my cards would be. Unassumingly waiting, anticipating helpfulness but never expecting to hear back from that some day someone.

Until …

& oooooh !! how I wish I could take credit for that dollar too !! 🙂 !!  But the thought of this wonderful person taking the time to seek and find and reach out and follow through and pass along just melts my entire insides

& Kindness, I adore you.

There Husband and I were, walking the s l o w a n d s t e a d y walk a few days ago. We take our time because although he is stronger from his experience (June 24th), he has a ways to go in the building up momentum column. So, we turtle. Farther and further, daily, we turtle. And going approximately the same time every morning, we see familiar, encouraging faces looking back at us. But, hers was new. And on this cool, cloudy day her words of  !! YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB !! brightened like no other. She noticed. She acknowledged. We very much appreciated

& Kindness, I adore you.

I’ve been a regular blood donor for awhile now and as I finished up my Versiti biz just last week, a joyful employee took it upon herself to announce THIS is your 45th donation, Jacki!!  & yay, I thought. YaY. She then looked straight into my eyeballs and genuinely exclaimed YOU have saved a LOT of lives !!

& WoW. Talk about an instant ego booster !! This beautiful being could very easily have left this moment alone but chose to express instead

& Kindness, I adore you.

Grandson graduated from Kindergarten last Wednesday and what a ride it has been. E-learning was not in the plans as he boarded that school bus on his very first day but nobody could have predicted lives would shift so drastically ♥ He handled it like a pro, though and as with most last days of school, awards were offered by his very sweet, patiently diligent teacher. During a FaceTime call, Grandson revealed BEST MANNERS with pride as his mom, his dad and everyone who knows him sang in unison, OF COURSE HE DID.

& Kindness, I ADORE YOU.

It’s simple. Takes only a smidge of effort and there are infinite, daily chances and so, sooooooo many ways to pay it forward, to pass it on, to simply BE KIND.

Please. Keep. Doing.

Please. Keep. Being.

Because youandyouandyouyouyouand YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

So, YES !!

Please. PLEASE.

Keep. Shining.

! ! ! ! ! ♥ ! ! ! ! !