Dear Sir or Madam

Dear Sir or Madam

I’m thinking about you this morning
& I truly hope you are well


but as I begin this brand new today, I wonder.

What’s it like to be You ?

You open your eyes, you get out of bed, shower, coffee, breakfast
& yep ! I do that too.

But, then what ?

You see, you’ve been confusing the heck out of me these days
& I’m wondering if you will clarify just how you view this unique gift called Life.

You hold hands, you make nice
then you talk behind and against.

You stand together, BIG smiles !
yet you won’t even try to try.

You set yourself as a high example
then you dish out ugly words.

You seek unconditional
yet you rattle off conditions.

You sing your pretty little song to applause applause
then you annoyingly shush !! the many colorful tunes surrounding you.

You invite respect
then you disrespect.

You speak unite as you oh so casually separate.

You offer peace but promote turmoil.

You show-off strong
but weak is what you carry
& you pretend happy
yet you seem so, so sad.

Hey, maybe !! just maybe !! it’s time to search your heart, dear Sir or Madam.
The answers you seem to so desperately need allllll start from within
& YOU are the only somebody that holds that priceless key.

A beautiful day is on the horizon, my friend.
& I promise Faith, Hope and Love are very much alive and well in this gift called Life.

I genuinely hope you find and enjoy.