Hello Friend

Hello Friend

Instinctively hesitant but naturally curious they glanced, they stared, they inched their way closer.

“Can we go far, Mama ?” he inquired with far being the dividing line between our backyard and the neighbors.

“Go ahead, it’s fine” his mommy responded as this simple trek seemed much farther to a cautious 2 1/2 year old. Fifty shorts steps later, he and his big bro stood face to face with a fellow, pint-size stranger.

Us BIG PEOPLE sat there watching, commenting, caught up in the adorableness of their encounter. Yep. Kids meeting kids will never, EVER get old

& long story short …

Friends made. Just. Like. That.

They conversed, they explored, they walked and scurried and ran. Kicked a ball, crawled under a big bush and followed the leader until Gramma (aka Me) busted things up with a dinner’s ready declaration

& YaY.

We’ll see you next time, we’ll play again and off these two moms, two dads and newfound best buds shuffled to their original destinations.

ahhhh, fun. Pure, easy FUN.

Somewhere in our Sunday evening though, inquisitive adult minds really needed to know the who’s and what’s of that beginning conversation.

“We talked about things we like”, 5 year old Grandson casually responded

& ta-daaaaaaa. How incredibly simple is that ??!?? & have I mentioned how I absolutely ADORE the laid-back, unruffled, so chill, happy-go-lucky nature of children ???

As we begin this today, here’s hoping each and every, single one of us connect with another someone in this most open-minded, untroubled, good-nature, childlike way.

we talked about things we like

uh huh

It really is that easy.