Feeling Jingly

Feeling Jingly

Don’tcha just LOVE Holiday Concerts ?? I know I doooooo !! The jingly-jangly rhythm of bells, the sharing of altos, sopranos and tenors, that fluffy, festive feeling of brightness in the air ??


Be it preschool or beyond, those genuine, unified, melodious melodies hit me right smack dab in the heartstrings every single year and ! YaY !

One voice
Combined with another
& another
& another
& another
It is a perfect path to wonderful and I am seriously filled to the rim with gleeeee
& so, I am passing it on.

Here’s to hearing, singing, feeling and being those holly, jolly, delightfully uplifting musical notes today, tomorrow … and … hey !!
How’s about a happy, little shout-out to Hope and Love and Harmonizing too !!?!!

ahhhhh, harmonizing.
They say it’s easy if you try.


!! La Laa Laaaaaa !!

Big, BIG Cheers to Try.