Oh, Barbie

Oh, Barbie

It was the day after Christmas.
I was sitting in the living room holding the prettiest Barbie doll I had ever seen.
She was perfect.
And Santa had gifted her to me.
Happy, content, everything was right in my world, ME.

I especially loved her hair, tied up in a flawless ponytail, curled in just the right spots.
I remember wishing for my Barbie’s hair.
My MY ! I would look FANTASTIC.
If only for a day …

How I loved my !! beautiful !! brand new Barbie doll.
I just knew we were on the road to becoming lifelong friends.

And then, IT happened
& IT changed everything.

I don’t remember the why’s or how’s of it all.
Maybe my sister suggested ? or possibly,Younger Brother ?
Oh, how I’d love to place that blame on someone else.
Anyone else.
But, sadly. I must confess.
The decision was mine. 
All. Mine.

Somewhere in my childhood naivety, I wondered what my pristine Barbie would look like if I undid her ponytail.
Her hair was so very pretty all tied up, I was convinced she would be absolutely GORGEOUS with long, flowing flows

& so,

I remember the horror as if it were yesterday and the image of Barbie’s bald spot is still stuck in my mind.
A gigantic, black hole vortex sat right smack dab in the middle of my new friend’s head.
She looked hideous
I ruined her.


My BFF was instantly ugly and my feelings for her changed Just. Like.That.
Our relationship was over.
Barbie went from being the very best Christmas present to the very worst in a split second.
I destroyed her and then I hated her.

Truth be told, I’ve never quite gotten over the pain of it all.

sniffle, sniffle

Oh, Barbie !
The older me understands.
It was me, not you
DANG ! how I wish I still had you here, today !!

We’d reminisce.
We’d take a selfie
& I’d soooooo see how many pennies I could fetch for you and your vintage baldness on eBay.