Common D’s

Common D’s

So. There I was, patiently waiting in a waiting room, deeply absorbed in my Mr Rogers book, secretly thrilled there was no television and very few people to distract me

& ahhhh. A half or maybe even a whole, entire hour of pure, quiet HUSH was here !! and it was alllllll mine.

The background noises were doable as doors opened and closed and yes, I’d occasionally raise my eyeballs and smile at a person or two who happened by but, my mindset at that moment was DON”T. Don’t bother, don’t do, don’t ask, just don’t, please don’t.

That’s when they walked in.  An apologetic woman and her grumpy man and try as I might, I could not ignore their continuous conversation. He with his how many minutes is this going to take / this is taking too many minutes griping, her with her “shhhhh” “SHH” “shhhhh”

& after a short while, I gave up on my read. It’s no use. I can’t concentrate. Boo.

I looked up as a pleasant face sat down next to me. We nodded, grinned and as she began to speak, I thought, “uh oh, this one’s a talker” and that she did. I heard of the why’s and where’s and who’s that brought her to this place, on this day.

Mr Grumpy-pants and Shhhhh were not listening as he was desperately trying to figure out WHAT”S TAKING SO LONG and she was obviously very embarrassed by his LOUD.

Just then, another couple entered our space and they joined Lady Next To Me and my chat-fest. I learned of troubles and issues and instances and a common denominator s l o w l y began to appear.

com·mon de·nom·i·na·tor

  1. a shared multiple of the denominators of several fractions.
    • a feature shared by all members of a group.

Eventually, the “Shhhhh” lady’s name was called and she made her way through, which meant my brand new, bff, coffee klatch and I were left with THAT GUY.

Turns out, when asked, this man and his impatient insistence had quite the tale to tell and long story short, I walked away with a deeper appreciation for each human being in that office

& what’s my point ?

Every single one of us has a story to tell.
We all have a road, we’ve all had our joys and our struggles.
But, I won’t know yours and you won’t know mine unless we take that precious time to simply try.
To see.
To realize.
To understand that other somebody.

I’m so thankful a talkative little soul pulled my head out of that book and brought me into her world with a simple hello. A hello that expanded with acknowledgment and appreciation as the minutes ticked along because we found our “feature shared by all members of a group”

& WoW.

We all know I’ve never been very good at Math, Common Denominator but, dang !! THAT was easy.