I have written about them on three separate occasions.

The first, expressing my panic.

– – – – –

Word on the street is, geese can be meanies.
I saw a documentary or a news clip or something or another about a wild goose attack somewhere down the line
Yes, I did
& I’m pretty sure I was told to STAY AWAY from the geese

– – – – –

The second, my reasoning.

– – – – –

It’s me
& I know it’s me.
Because I allow.

I’ve invited that dread to take hold of me.
I have turned on the distress signal.
I am the one who has made these simple creatures terrifying.

– – – – –

& the third ? Welp. The third time, I googled.

– – – – –

Goose spirit animals as messengers of change

The goose spirit animal is encouraging you to remember where you came from. Remember your roots, and don’t forget to thank the people who have helped you since the beginning

– – – – –

& I honestly thought I had come to terms with the Gaggle Gang. They would mind their biz, I would mind mine and we’d all just happily coexist

& we did. We did.


Yep. There they were, on BOTH sides of the aisle, with their adorable goslings in tow.


But, guess what ??!??

Yep ! I ever so, somewhat, kinda sorta confidently stepped right on through that coffee klatch, not once, but TWICE. There AND Back

& I haven’t a clue where or why or what or how I mustered up the courage but, I did and if need be, I’ll do it again. Because that moment in time brought an epiphany and my epiphany told me that the biggest culprit in this entire goose drama has been ME.

I’m the one who took my fear to new heights. I made it bigger than it needed to be. I held the emotional reaction card and I’m the one who controlled the STOP button

& stop, it did.

& since I’m feeling the power this bright, beautiful, spankin new morning … ! …

Whatever it is, wherever it be …
Here’s to conquering every little everything that needs to be conquered today, tomorrow and all your next days too because the best part of all lies beyond the ‘I don’t think I can do this’ fear.


Oh and just so you know ?

This is the very last time I will be writing about geese.



I Am My Feelings