Or Maybe

Or Maybe

You know when you just don’t understand something and some nice someone happens by and offers assistance ?
& then, tada !! it all makes sense.

Or when you’re searching for a perfect solution to a petty little problem and a kind soul wanders in with a simple, ‘have you tried this ?’
& yippee.
There it is.

I was watching a baseball game recently and one of the players had another human being by his side, his interpreter
& I thought, what a cool job !! helping people understand one another.

I get it so I’ll explain it to you so that you can explain it to him and he can ask questions to you to ask me and when he understands, he will tell you so and then we can all work together again, as a team.
As one.


Sounds so incredibly easy, doesn’t it ?
Makes we wish we all had a patient helper following us around.

Because words.
Oh, words.

Say them one way and …
Say them another way and …

Two people looking at the same exact situation in two entirely different ways with no solution in sight.


The Explain-er, The Illuminater.
The ‘No Worries’ dude

& see ?
Everything’s fine.

Or maybe.
Just maybe.
We could take it upon ourselves.
To talk.
To mediate.
To try and figure out.
To find that middle ground, that place of understanding, the bridge that gets us to OH ! Now I see !!
NOW I get it
& hey ! I understand YOU & you understand ME
& it all makes perfect sense.
Maybe then we can all work together again, as a team.
As one.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking ?
It all sounds Pretty, Darn. Easy and wonderfully pleasant if …

if …

How’s about we simply give try a try ?


I Am My Feelings