Continue …

Continue …

My timing could not have been more perfect but, as I was muddling through it all, truth be told, I questioned

Maybe I’ll just blame it on the clouds.
because they were feeling every bit of it too.
They muttered, they stuttered.
They errr-ed, and well ??? and uh, maybe, maybe not.

Not awful.
Not great.
Not grumpy.
Not happy.
A somewhere in between.
Shall we downpour or sunshine today ?


The rumbling thunder far away to my north was taunting “sure ! go ahead ! I promise I’ll behave”
& the humidity was thick as a brick and equally stubborn.
So yeah.
I doubted
I began.

It became pretty darn obvious that I had made the wrong choice when I could hear those storm clouds’ boisterous bellowing over the very pleasant music in my ears
& I thought ‘oh no. NO.’
because at that point in time, I was in the middle of no man’s land where shelter was concerned.
Maybe I could shimmy down that little incline and hide under a tree, I contemplated,
or if all else fails I could make a dash to … to …
I’m going to get soaked.

& as that intriguing thought made my mood of the day all the more wishy-washy, I pondered …
Should I ?
Could I ?
What if ?
How will ?
& WHY didn’t I grab a flippin umbrella ??!?



It didn’t help that I was pretty much THE only one out there too.
My fellow walkers, joggers, the dogs, their BFFs and even those extremely loyal golfers were nowhere to be found.
I guess I must have missed the Breaking News Weather Memo.
DON’T GO WALKING BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO STORM seemed to be the word on the street.

oh boy

but I walked, I pressed on.
I continued
& I kept walking, kept pressing, kept continuing no matter what !! those clouds were brewing,
no matter their menacing noise
no matter the foreboding darkness riding on top of my back
no matter the questions
no matter the doubts

& guess what ?
Guess What ??

I made it to the end of my trail invigorated ! determined ! happy ! and dry !
& as I looked up to the skies with a smile of gratitude ….


Note To Self :


Press On

& continue  …

No. Matter. What.


I Am My Feelings