Beers and Ears

Beers and Ears

As most towns do in this good ol U S of A, there is a 4th of July Festival in mine each year. 
Filled with rides to be ridden, games to be played, food to be eaten, crafts to be envied

always the fan favorite
A Beer Tent.

Just the sound of those combined words sounds oh so pleasant.
Beer. Tent.
A tent full of beer

& friends
& music
& Summer night happy.


There was a time in my life when the beer tent was THE best part of the fest.
Woooo weeeee.
The fun that was had, the gallons consumed.
But, somewhere down the line, a thing called responsibility crept into my life
& the 4th of July Festival became all about my children.
Goodbye, beer tent.
sniffle. sniffle. 
Helloooooo rides and games and enviable crafts.

There’s no need for overwhelming sadness though.
Oh no, it’s all good.
Because the responsible years escorted a tasty delight called Elephant Ears into my life.
And suddenly, everything changed.

Doughy, cinnamon-y, sugary.
mmmmm mm
Just thinking about an Elephant Ear fills me with giddy because there is really no other anything that can even compare.


Now, try as I might to stop them, those darn years keep on moving along
& those children of mine are not children anymore.
They too have taken a turn experiencing that beer glee.
Funny thing though…
Somewhere in all those years our beloved beer tent became a ‘maybe we’ll go…maybe we won’t’  debate
& most times, won’t wins.

But, Elephant Ears  …?
Oh, Elephant Ears.
Fourth of July is just not the 4th of July without an oooooo sooooo wonderfully delicious Elephant Ear.

It’s all about priorities, my friends
& mine will forever be !! YUM !!


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