What What

What What

I’ve been thinking lately
& yes, we all know what happens when this brain starts buzzing a bit too much.


But, it keeps pestering and pondering and asking,

What if ?
What then ?
What’s next ?
What What ??

What if I stop.
Stop writing, that is.
Not writing, writing.
Blog writing.
This every day busy biz.

Would anyone notice ?
Would anyone care ?
& if I did just stop, then what ??
and what then ?


& I hate to sound whiny-ish or hey ! somebody hand over a compliment
but, seriously, I really don’t know
& I’m very confused.
If there’s something else out there …
where ?
how ?
what ??


I took my troubled mind to where I always take me troubled mind
& I asked please, PLEASE just show me something.
Tell me Some. Thing.
A sign,
I need a sign.

Thank You, Somebody.
You were placed in my path when I needed you most and you’ve said the words I so needed to hear
& once again, I am reminded of the power of one.
You, my friend, are the fuel, the nudge, the reminder that I so desperately craved.

This blog.
Ooooooh, this blog !!
It energizes me.
It exhausts me
but knowing I am helping your simple, steadfast “one”
I got my sign.

What if ?
What’s next ?
What What ??

I’m pretty positive I will continue because my soul refuses to let me stop.
It reminds me every single minute of every single day that I love to write, that I MUST write.
It tells me to be patient, that I am in a holding pattern of sorts, that I am adjusting.
So patient I shall
& adjust I shall.
I shall, I will, until my what what becomes my done done.

& the rest is easy.

Thanks for sharing your power, Somebody.
Your awesome power of one.


I Am My Feelings