Influence ! :) !

Influence ! :) !

I’ve dubbed it my word of the week, stopped counting how many times I’ve bumped into

and took a minute to realize, even though these syllables have been around for a few, I’ve never googled,

So. I googled.

/ˈinflo͝oənsər/nounnoun: influencer; plural noun: influencers

  1. a person or thing that influences another.”he was a champion of the arts and a huge influencer of taste”
    • Marketing a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.”influencers can add serious credibility to your brand”


a person or thing that influences another

Correct me if I’m wrong, and yep, sure, some are more aligned with this ability than others, but in the grand scheme of things and in our own unique ways, ummm, aren’t we ALL influencers ??

It’s  !! TRUE !!

Because we can change a mood with a smile, right ??!?? We can brighten a day with kindness ! We can lighten a load or alter a life with compassion. We can become a delightful difference to every, single someone we encounter by simply being our own true selves. And in this pure, wonderful, authentically lovely way, we influence.

Oh. Yes. We. Do.

Show me how awesome YOU and your positivity can be and I promise to return the favor and TOGETHER ??? !! together !! our domino effect will change this world !


Starting today. Starting now.


! 🙂 !


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