One. TearDrop.

One. TearDrop.

Truth be told, I rarely ask and I never, ever look. All I know is, every month I receive an email from Kindle Direct Publishing

and a few days later, a deposit is plopped into my bank account. Sometimes it’s a healthy chunk o’ change, other times, not so much, but either way, it’s a comfortable setup and I’m blessed to call it mine.

Husband though, is a curious one, and oftentimes feels the need to check in on the welfare of my stories.

48 hours ago, he announced, you sold one TearDrop today

and as he dove into calculating all the this and that’s, I became transfixed with One. TearDrop.

& golly, I hope my words are helpful to the someone who purchased

or to that someone’s someone.

Because somewhere down this road, my writer’s quest seamlessly shifted from !!fame!! !!fortune!! !!best seller!!  to 1.

+ 1

+ 1

+ 1

+ 1 …

& I hope you realize how much this means to me, One. TearDrop.





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