Forever, For Always

Forever, For Always

Funny, I guess. I was at a complete loss for blog words this morning and our doggone internet was acting up again. So. Instead of getting worked up and perturb about it,  I took myself outside, sat down at the picnic table and, while waiting on the sunrise, penned a few paragraphs, figuring this was exactly what the universe was hoping I’d do.


And yep. After yesterday’s commotion of a day, the birds were still chirping, that persistent woodpecker was still tap, tap, tapping and I even saw a couple fireflies light up the yard for a few, as nighttime ushered in a brand new today. And there I sat, thinking about YOU, America.

As you’ve probably heard, ’cause I’ve said it a zillion times, your birthday is my very favorite holiday. It’s true. 4th of July is a smidge above Easter and Christmas, ’cause picnicking, fireworks, parades, festivals and everything attached to coming together for summertime fun … well, ya just can’t get any better than that.

But this year ?? A dull ache accompanies my joy.

Because lately, America ? Sides. It seems we are forever taking sides
& mad,
we are ALWAYS mad.

Oh, we take a unified break every once in awhile, but most days it seems our core is anger
& I really can’t figure out WHY ??
& HOW can we alllll be right and alllll be wrong if WE refuse to find that simple, common ground ?

& those talking heads !!
that endless noise machine insists on reminding me to watch my moves,
be agitated, be afraid.
Don’t you dare trust THAT GUY
and stay away from HER because she’s different
and and and and and

It makes my head spin
& it crushes my spirit.
Because YOU deserve better,
so much better

Oh America.
We’ve been here, time and time before. We get it right, we get it wrong, we take steps forward, we fall behind. I guess, it’s what we do ? But it sure would be easier if we could DO a bit more calmly and coherently. Like say, I’ll listen to you, you listen to me … we agree, we disagree, we agree to disagree … we come to terms and unite as this land intended

& we try.

As I came out of my thoughts with sentences scribbled upon a paper

and a day ready and willing to be better,

I promised my country, my home, my friend, America, I will forever, I will for always, TRY.





2 Replies to “Forever, For Always”

  1. Yeah, it is a very troubling time for our country. What SCOTUS didwas despicable and shocking af. We need to excise about 40% of the population. On a completely different note, today is Monday, Uune, 27th, and I hope JB got his rhythm back. He claims he never had any, which I don’t fin hard to believe. But I think this is different than getting down.