Becoming Better

Becoming Better

It’s the spirit of Christmas he softly explained, so matter of fact, so genuine, as if this grandma had never experienced it’s pristine joy

& ahhhh, that’s why I adore sitting at the kids’ table because viewing the world through a child’s eyes seriously !! never, ever !! gets old.

And I knew exactly the emotion he spoke of, of course, for the pure, warm, comforting coziness of those awesome feelz has touched my heart many a time, but something inside urged to have Google explain it to me anyways …

Become. Better.

Hey Santa ?? THAT’S what I want for Christmas this year !! I want to become better and be better and stay continually better, please !! because residing in the loveliness of BETTER sounds pretty darn delightful and and  … and, errr, while I’m at it, with absolutely no offense to you, Big Fella, but um, I really wouldn’t mind if December 25th went right, smack back to where it started.

A star, a stable, a child …

’cause it seems as if we’ve lost something extremely valuable down the line and I sooooooo wish it back. And if it takes me becoming better so that he becomes better which turns to her and they becoming better … hmmm, Spirit of Christmas, do you really, truly think it’s possible ??!?

I know a few souls at the kids’ table who soooooo believe we can.


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