Empathy Is …

Empathy Is …

The sun was shining it’s perfect glow directly into my eyeballs as I stepped along my trail yesterday and ahhhhhh

♥ Autumn ♥

I saw him from a distance and at first it was difficult to understand what exactly he was doing, but as the space between us decreased, I realized he was walking s l o w l y, extremely cautiously, steady, steady, steadily, backwards. When our eyes met for a Good Morning !! moment, his looked back with a sad, somewhat apologetic vibe. But he smiled a timid smile, wished me a happy day and that was that. Little did he know, his glance touched my heart and turned it to instant mush because BEEN THERE  Husband and I have been.

June 24th

Step by Step


if we could feel your wonderfulness a little more often, please. If I took the time, if you took the time. If I cared more, if you cared more. If I looked your way, if you looked mine. If I softened my stance, if you … then perhaps ?? Perhaps.

Family often teases when I proclaim that might be Jesus !! as I offer a few coins to the human on the street asking for handouts and I agree, there’s a whole bunch of bad in this world and I have to be careful. But there’s soooooo much good too. I KNOW,  ’cause I discover it each and every time I TRY.

I hope to see the backwards walking man again. If I do, I’ll offer encouragement, if I don’t, his eyes will remain in my brain for a very long while

& I thank you for your beautiful lesson, Empathy.

Yes, I’ll continue to try.


And When




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