Dear Covid-19

Dear Covid-19

I was going to put up a list of links to the many times I’ve written about you since March, 2020, but I suppose if anyone is that interested in my opinion, they’ll seek, they’ll find

& hmmm.

We’ve had our days, for sure, Corona Virus. Days where I’ve understood your purpose so completely, where I’ve witnessed your beauty and experienced your cleanse, where I’ve solidly agreed yep, EVERYTHING, even a worldwide pandemic, happens for a reason. And with you, I’ve learned lessons in patience, in determination, in solidarity and trust …and for the most part, I think I’ve come through your trial wiser, stronger and better. Those who know me best, might beg to differ ?? but, I’m trying, Covid. I’m trying.

What I don’t and possibly never will understand is the ugliness you’ve so clearly exposed. I mean, I know hateful words, deeds and thoughts are as old as time itself, but your presence has highlighted and emphasized it’s absolute worst. And that just makes me so sad, C-19 because what I see most when I look at you, is a simple (albeit extremely difficult and heartbreaking) workshop in respect.


Husband and I are scheduled for our booster at noon today, Covid, and I gotta tell you, I’m pretty darn excited !! The prospect of you entering my orbit now will be slim, but truth be told, ?? I’ll probably still wear a mask when I grocery shop, still stray away from big gatherings and still keep things tight around here … but that’s not on you, C, that’s just me and my introverted ways. And I’m cool with it, kinda, sorta real cool with it.

So what am I trying to say as I give you one more push out the door, Corona V ?

Please take it easy on those who can’t or refuse to see the enlightenment you offer. Please help us find our way out of the destruction you’ve caused. And please, PLEASE, show us the road back to respect.


!! Soon To Be Boostered !!



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