Look At ME

Look At ME





Coach Bucky Ducky.

Yep. These are the names Grandsons, Grandpa B and I dub ourselves, as we grab that gear, carry it to our dugout and set up for yet another game on our way to HERE, the World Series, BABY !!


But a long road it has been. Teammates in high school and again in college, we’ve traveled on buses, trains and airplanes, slept in messy dorms and sky-high hotels and grabbed fast meals with that enthusiastic HURRY UP, we’re gonna be late !! thrill …

& DANG I adore imagination !! especially with these guys.

I’m told the real deal, the LIVE and IN PERSON !!  MLB action is actually happening, like NOW, and tonight will either turn into a nail biter tied series or the champs will be crowned ! And YaY for you pros too !! But, errr, if I don’t watch your game ( I won’t ) please take no offense, as I’d much rather stay within the pure emotion of

& hey, John Fogerty !! Centerfield is THE BEST SONG !! and just so you know ?? … a moment in the sun … ALWAYS jumps out and gives me a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL HUG ’cause the feelz of  PICK ME ! PICK ME !! YES !! MEEEEEEEEE !! seriously says it alllllll.

It’s hope and confidence and inspiration at it’s finest and as Grandboys, Coach BD and I continue our quest to be THE best darn team in the entire history of baseball, my wish for them and every single one of us is to never, ever, ever lose the incredible amazingness of

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Oh Yes I Can

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !