But, I Don’t Wanna

But, I Don’t Wanna

Have I mentioned that I’m Pretty. Darn. Good. at the art of stalling ?
Especially when it comes to activities I really, REALLY don’t want to do. 
Like grocery shopping.


I despise it.
I do.
Everything about it.
From the making of the list, to the walking down the aisles, to the emptying of the cart, to the paying and packing  …
I beg of you.
Please Please PLEASE don’t make me !! cause I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaa !!!

Somewhere down the line though, I must have made my thoughts known.
Maybe it was my huffing and puffing and the always present I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS every single time I headed to the grocery store ?
Whatever it was, it worked.

I don’t recall when exactly but, one glorious day Husband declared that HE would take over the grocery shopping reigns.
“What ?? WHY ?? Are you SURE ?!?” I asked, as my heart was dancing with joy
& sure enough, he did.
I can’t for the life of me figure out why but, Husband actually enjoys the task
& he’s real good at getting all those super duper deals.
& since we all know how I truly, madly, deeply ADORE cutting the grass, the switch was made.
We decided Husband will handle the groceries and I, the lawnmower.
BEST DEAL EVER if you ask me.
I even threw snow shoveling into the bargain because I was so overwhelmed with glee.
weeeeee !!

& so, this is how we have muddled along for many a year.
He’s happy.
I’m happy
& I don’t have to grocery shop !!
woo ! woo !

Circumstances beyond my control have put me right smack dab back into a spot I don’t want to be.
We need them
& it’s looking like I will be the one that will have to temporarily handle that horrible chore.
I’ve tried. Lord knows, I’ve tried to come up with ways around going to that dreaded place but, Old Mother Hubbard has gone to her cupboard and we are low on just about everything.


If I could just think of something … someway to put it off that awfulness until tomorrow or the next day or the next, next, next …

Hey ! Look !
The grass !
It’s getting much too long.
It must be cut.
Like, NOW.
For. Sure.

Ooooh Tomorrow, Tomorrow.
I love you tomorrow.
You’re only a day away
I’m cutting the grass today.



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