Bad Girl Chair

Bad Girl Chair

Walking down memory lane and repeating with a smile.


I hung out at an airport, recently.
Arrived earlier than expected, had time to spare, so I did one of my favorite things to do,
I people watched.


Little kids are the best.
Their giggles are priceless, their meltdowns, entertaining
& child to child, sibling conversations ?
Infinitely amusing.

I was privy to witness one parent not so quietly interrupting a heated debate between a “big” brother and his pesty little sister.
We are going home now and YOU will spend the rest of this day in TIME OUT !

Time out.

Ooooo !! the memories that came rushing back with those simple words.

Time. Out.

I called it the Bad Girl Chair
aka, the Bad Boy, for Son.

There is a five year age difference between 1st Born Boy and 2nd Born Girl
& a one and a half year difference between 2nd Born and 3rd Born Girl.
The feuding sisters were the last to occupy the hot seat
& this is why it will forever be dubbed, GIRL
But if you happen to ask Daughters their version of this story ?
They are convinced 1st Born was PERFECT
& are absolutely positive there was nooooo such thing as a bad BOY chair in his growing up world.

uh huh.


Either way, WHOEVER would be plopped squarely into this spot when they were being unpleasant
& were told they would remain ! RIGHT THERE ! until they were ready to BE NICE.

Some days, they were very ready
& some days ?
Oh, some days.

These days, I’m reminded of the interesting conversations had on those infamous chairs, especially while I was out of the room.
The placing of blame as to why they sat where they sat seemed to be a rather popular topic.
Eventually though, those sweet children of mine would work out their differences.
We’re ready to be NICE !! they would proudly sing as they handed over a kiss & happily skipped off to the Land of Compromise.

We laugh about it now.
The Bad Chairs.
Really ?
How politically incorrect.
But hey, they all turned out normal.

Sometimes I miss those days so, soooooo much and would take them back in an instant !!
then I snap out of it and go about my quiet business.


I think I’ll people watch instead.


Happy Birthday ! C ! !