Thanks, People

Thanks, People

So. There I was, walking the morning walk, minding my biz, but carrying a bluesy sort of feeling with me. And WHY ??!!??  I wondered, as I held back teardrops … WHY ?? It’s a perfect, late Summer day with sunshine, fluffy clouds, cool breeze, no biggie worries on my brain … makes absolutely no sense at all.

I glanced down at the fancy, brand new, water bottle I recently received for donating at Versiti Blood Center and read the uplifting words of People Need People as I quietly, ho-humming -ly agreed.

yep, it’s true.

Just then, as if an invisible hand came down and gave a teensy push, there went my water bottle falling straight to the ground with a loud OUCH of a clunk

& booooo, I waaaaaa-ed


At that point I could have very easily crawled Under My Sidewalk and called it a day, but something urged me to get over it asap and THINK

& yeah, I guess we’re all dinged or dented or flawed or flustered in some sort of way or another, but if you help me and I help you and she helps he and they help them, we’ll discover the pure wonderfulness in each of us and see the beauty behind these simple, genuine words.

PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE, I smiled at a smiling back at me stranger and as my unpleasant vibe began to lift, I realized the brand new dent in my brand new water bottle fits my thumb sooooo exactly, I doubt if I ever drop this inspiration again.

Goodbye Blue. Welcome back, Positivity.

& YaY

Thanks, People.


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