Job #3

Job #3

It’s Labor Day !

& normally, I’d run a repeat of my very first job as a porter at our local bowling alley or my second job as a dry cleaning clerk and how I conquered the chore of making change but since we’ve all heard these stories a time or three, let’s move on to job #3, shall we ??


Dubbed the very best way to spend a Summer because I was now in my college days, studying and partying and partaking in all those young adult joys, Job #3 was a temporary position laboring for the Street Department of my favorite hometown

& FUN ??!!?? Oh yes, it ’twas.

The push-mower crew was where I was placed and where I spent most days and although clockin’ in at 7:30 each a.m. was often difficult, it was always worthwhile as I was teamed with an awesome buddy

& if you’re wondering if this is where I found my obsession with trimming the greenery ??  you are absolutely correct.

Climbing out of a pickup truck and informed by the boss that’d he’d pick us up in a couple of hours, there we’d stand, looking at the sometimes shin high grass of a water sanitation station

& ok !!

Laughing and sharing secrets with this person I’d known for only a few short weeks, we definitely made the best of the situation and when we encountered the snakes that often lived among the tall, dampness of that weeded vegetation ?


& I doooooo mean !! EEK !!!

Just run ’em over !!   Sonny, our cigar chewing, authority figure would advise & ewwww !! we’d cringe and yep, the first time I daringly did was absolutely horrendous but as with everything in life, practice made perfect and ewwww, I bravely continued to kill nature.


I had this superb gig for two glorious summers and I can truly count those moments as some of my best. Good people, hard yet incredibly easy work, lunch breaks at the local eatery or running home for a pbj, conversations about nothing and everything, the songs, a fabulous tan and yeah, youth.

So, ok ! now that you know this little tidbit about me, you may continue your Labor Day festivities and if you happen to wonder what I’ll be doing with the remainder of my holiday ??

!! weeeeee !!


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