I received a package not too long ago, with this brainstorm of an idea tucked happily inside.

Daughter, in her all knowing acknowledgement of the !! weeeeee !! factor of her mama, thought I might love.

! ♥ !

And she was absolutely correct. I DOOOOOOOO !! not only because they work like a charm, but one glance at a Buzz Patch

and ’nuff is most definitely said and, seriously, who wouldn’t rather have jolly sticker protection from the nuisance deemed mosquito than being spray squirted all over your space ??




So anyways, I highly recommend !! But that’s not the point of my ramblings. Nope. Today’s words are brought to you by the persistence of that little, bitty, teeny, tiny, doggone vampire of an insect who invited himself into my house last night. Yep. There I was all hunkered and cozy with my attention zeroed directly upon the Summer Olympics when he officially introduced himself with a high-pitched bzzzzz around my ear. And yeah, we all know the drill, smacking of the head and flailing of the arms and mutterings of ugh and grrr and gaaaaa until, eventually, the ultimate #!%#&!@#!!! spills right on out.


Long story short ?? that persnickety mini-beast whispered in my ear pretty much allllll night. I’m here ! Ha. I’m still here ! Ha. Missed me again ! Ha.

& there, right there !! is the reason for these sentences, ’cause if that ain’t determination at it’s finest ?!?!??  I certainly don’t know what is.

So THANKS ! Mr. Mosquito. You’ve made your point BIG TIME, fella, and I might add,  your !! never say die !! steadfastness is quite impressive. So, yep. I get it. Keep on keeping on. Be noticed !! Stick to the plan no matter the consequences … andsoonandsoonandsoon …

Yep. I got it !! We good !! but umm, just so ya know for next time, my minuscule, mighty friend ??

I’ll be patched.


Oh Yes I Can