Hot Flashin’

Hot Flashin’

Pulled from the archives for your Saturday giggles.

! Enjoy !


A few years ago, I was asked if I have ever experienced a hot flash
& my response was a boisterous nope ! !
No Can Do
Uh Uh
N. O.
I have never, EVER experienced a hot flash.

“Ooooooooo just you wait !” replied the combustible little lady doing the wondering.
“You will definitely know it when it happens. Just. You. Wait.”

I’d say it was worth the wait, but I’d be lying.

Like a slow, bubbling brew that suddenly boils over.
Like a teapot that can’t stand the heat and needs to bust a whistle.
Like a pulsing volcano that bursts it’s lava free
a hot flash comes along slowly, yet suddenly
& when it does …? …
Let’s just say it’s toasty.
Very, very toasty.


Back in the day Mom would exasperate, “IT FEELS LIKE AN OVEN IN HERE ! ! !”
With exclamation points and bold italics included, she got her point across quite frequently.
Poor Dad.
Poor us.
That girl was on fire.
Little did I know just how hot was her hot.
Oh, but I know now.
Yes Mom,
It DOES feel like an oven in here.


My today’s response to the ‘have I ever experienced a hot flash’ inquiry ?
An unrestrained, explosive YES, yes I have.
& yep, it is EVERYTHING I’ve always heard it would be.


To those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of this instantly ignitable life experience, I offer you these wonderful words of wisdom …





& yep.

! ! ! ! ! (insert whistle ) ! ! ! ! !



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