Resembling Hers

Resembling Hers

We call it

& dontcha just love the extreme detail-ness of this recipe ? Believe me, it’s torn, tattered, hurriedly written, scribble-scrabble original was even more of a mysyery. But when your mama is just a phone call away, you dial her number again and again, ask ten different questions with a quick double check, just to double check, until the day yours resembles hers

& YuM

Dang. I love Red Soup, but truth be told ?? it’s been more than a very long while since I’ve made. Why ? Oh, I don’t know … sidetracked somehow, someway, I’m sure. But a nice size roast will be on this week’s grocery list FOR. SURE. because I was taken back and reminded recently of the loveliness of passing it on

with a tad different way of inquiring

! !  but ! !

just the same



Resembles ♥ hers ♥  it already does.


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