Wooooooo. Hooooooo.

Wooooooo. Hooooooo.

Remember when Saturday had a wooooooo hooooooo IT’S SATURDAY !! kind of vibe ??

Yeah. I miss that too.

And I’m not one to gripe and whine and carry on but …

Mom called them gloomy days.
The dead of Winter.
Holidays are over.
There’s nothing to look forward to …


No place to go.
Nothing to do.

It’s just another gloooooooomy day

& I know it ain’t easy. These times of Covid-19 have a way of wearing on the nerves. Am I right ??!? And as I think about masks and social distancing, vaccines and quarantines, whether you’re dealing with yours alone or together, the little things have a way of MAGNIFYING and those walls they do, on occasion, come tumblin’ down …

So instead of dropping ourselves into that rabbit hole of  gaaaaaaaaa !!

Here ya go …



Hang in there, my friends. We are thisclose ! THISCLOSE  !

& it’s Saturday.

! ! wooooooo hooooooo ! !


Oh Yes I Can