And When will be your title, my poem.

Why ??

Because these are the words that jumped out of a song and into my vibe recently, reminding me it has been over a year since I’ve penned a newbie. And I really can’t explain what’s taking me so long. Life, I supposed. Sidetracks and distractions are what I do best. But now that you have ever so subtly introduced yourself, now is where we begin.

ahhhh, poems. They really are my favorite form of writing.

Like a puzzle tumbled out and about on a table, there the words wait inside my brain. Put it together, figure it out … step by s l o w and s t e a d y step, scratched off here, redone there, until … until …

ta -da

It’s the single, solitariness I love most.

This one’s for You.


You. You. You.


Yes, it might take a day, it might take weeks, but soon you will be.

And When will be your title, my poem.





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