Every Card

Every Card

There is a song that pops up quite often on my daily walks
& it hits me like a ton of bricks every time I listen.
It’s the garden scene from the 1970 rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar

& if you’ve never heard, I highly recommend.


I love every single line of those beautiful lyrics.

God, thy will is hard but you hold every card

Those are my favorite words.
I’ve repeated them a zillion times, especially on my darkest days.
They are my knock upside the head, Jesus reminder.

Those words cue me into the fact that no matter what
I go through in life
Jesus has been there, He’s done that
& He’s most definitely “got” whatever “this” I happen to be facing.

He is with me through the good times
& I absolutely know He is with me on those not so goods too.
Every heartache, every inconceivable happening, every WHY ME ?? or WHAT NOW  ?? moment.
Jesus is there.

I trust.
He embraces.
My every doubt is erased because of Him.

I will drink your cup of poison

He did.
He so did
& I could seriously wad up in a ball and cry just thinking about His incredible selflessness.

Thank you my Jesus, my very best friend.
This heart of mine is yours.

My Friend