Dear Courage

Dear Courage

Thank you for reminding me of who
and why
and how you roll.

You didn’t ask,
you weren’t offered a choice.
Life and it’s often unpredictable ways handed you this unwanted, untraveled road.

No instructions.
No manual.
No what to do next.
Here you go, figure it out

& you stepped up, Courage.
Despite every single everything you may be feeling inside
you didn’t,
you don’t,
you won’t and you can’t back down.
Quitting is impossible because you listen to your heart
& no matter the stress or circumstance, you KNOW your heart will lead, will guide, will always find the way.

I hope you realize how beautiful you are, Courage.
You are a powerhouse, an incredible, uniting, odds defying force
& I soooooo appreciate the lessons you teach.

Never doubt your awesomeness
& please,
from now until forever, Courage

Keep. Doing.

Oh Yes I Can