The Healing

The Healing

Aren’t they AWESOME ??

The people who know me best found, wrapped and gifted me these beauties for Christmas and  !! I LOVE !! I dooooooo ! 🙂 !

But as I oh sooooo carefully went to open them a week ago Saturday, I did this

Totally a knucklehead-ed move on my part as I was paying wayyyyy more attention to the knives and forgot all about the hardcore  plastic that encompasses

& just like that !! sliced.

So. Here I am, bandaged and bummed that I now have a index finger out of whack because of my very own carelessness.


Strange, though, how odd circumstances like these enter our lives to teach THE most unique lessons. Because after I stepped beyond the ouch and inconvenience of it all ( who KNEW ?? Mr. Pointer was so necessary to the many little-s of life ) I began to notice the healing

& wow.

S L O W, steady, tedious, tenacious, awful, wonderful, hurtful, helpful, stubborn, essential HEALING.

Complicated and heart-wrenching and tread lightly, I must, as this wound is wide open tender and if I bump or misstep ?  back to Square One, I tumble.

Frustrating and time consuming and exhaustively brutal and just when I think I will never reach normal again ?? I’m ok. And then, I’m not and I am and I’m not and …

But when one focuses, really, REALLY reaches inside and tunes into the glorious resilience of the human body and soul, the power of healing  is absolutely amazing and my hope for YOU today is finding that most sacred path to better. Because I promise, it is there, somewhere.

You work in strange, mysterious ways, my friend, Universe and there are moments and instances where I quite honestly do NOT understand.

But, YOU do

and I’m trying

and I give thanks for yet another incredibly beautiful lesson learned.

Beyond You