Oh, Charles

Oh, Charles

The greeter at the front desk was there, smiling, chatting, doing her thing. The lady near the elevators who’s hawkish eyes make SURE no one steps into the next level without a clip-on pass ? Yep. Her too. And the young man with curly hair and stylish clothes who helped navigate our after here moves ? uh huh, I saw him too and had I a voice to talk ( Paused ) I’d have gushingly wondered if they remembered my face as much as I do theirs.

Strange how emotions come tumbling back.

The revolving doors with their solid, we got this comfort, the coffee shop with it’s forever line of loyal groupies, the smokers, still finding that out of the wind, corner spot outside and the cell phone communicators, offering concerned updates of their treasured someone within those healing walls. The busy streets and impatient car horns, the sound of siren after siren after siren, the walking path and mile markers where the but I don’t wanna do this !! me was sooooo positive I could not.

We had been back for quick followups since Husband left but this outing was a first. Arriving in the city for a morning checkup and a very next day early appointment gave us the opportunity to slow things down, to take our time. And that we did, meticulously crawling our route from Point A to Point B to C and D for he is on the mend, but not quite there.

But it was when we entered the building where we’d be spending our in between moments and were welcomed by a smile named Charles, when those feelings took over my insides and mushy-mushy I became, as this kindest of souls offered  water and sincerity and advice

& right there, Charles. Right there.

You saw our struggles and handed us the beautiful story of YOU.  Your seven, one after another strokes, your friends who noticed your unusual movements and rushed to your side, the therapy, the hard work, the determination to walk your daughter down that aisle. And as your thoughtful, dark eyes encouraged and your whispered, steadfast words inspired, I was reminded of the uniqueness of US, Charles, human beings with a tale, a song, a journey, a life.

Thank you for sharing a portion of yourself with these wobbly, uncertain strangers, my new friend, as your light is truly amazing.

I appreciate your lesson and I promise I will continue your shine. Because if each and every one of US would take the time to discover those priceless stories or if we could all just be a teensy bit more like you and those ladies at the desks and the curly head, stylish dresser

and the …

and the …

and the …

oh, Charles, an incredible domino effect of  genuineness we’d so easily BE.

You Matter



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