p.s. today

p.s. today

As I listened to my early morning weather peeps with their BUNDLE UP and BITTER COLD, Arctic alerts

& as I viewed the ! ! it’s freezing ! ! comments by a gaggle of gripers on social media

& as I stepped outside to a smack in the face burst of brrrrr, heard the groan from within take hold of my vibe, ughed, errr-ed and mumbled it’s wayyyyy too early for this, Mama Nature ! !

I caught the gleeful giggles of neighborhood kids tossing, kicking and delightfully enjoying

& I received pics

of a yesterday evening filled with unique to them happy.

And it was then, I took notice of critters frolicking, breathed in the seasonal scent of wood stoves burning and acknowledged the complete

and beautiful contrast of this place I call home

and as I  looked to the sky and offered a ♥ Thank You For The Reminder ♥ shout out to my HERE, my NOW

I applauded Today.

Cold, snowy, icy, record breaking, breathtakingly brisk and oooooh sooooo empowering today.


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