Details. Details.

Details. Details.

Isn’t she lovely ??

I spotted her as I stepped outside a few yesterdays ago and she !! yoooohoooo-ed !! to be noticed and notice, I did. I find the fine-tune-ness, colors and contrasts of her to be absolutely fascinating and I’m kinda sorta obsessed with staring at this picture. I mean, I know she’s crumbled up, crunched and taken somewhere far away by the wind now, but for that very brief moment in time ?

oh, those details.

There’s been a burst of Winter around these parts this week and what seems like January at it’s finest is really, truly only mid-November and although this has cause a surge of ughs and grrrs from many someones I know,  I am certain two grandsons of mine would delightfully disagree. Having lived in a much warmer environment until recently, this is the first time they have experienced honest to goodness snow

& as I mushy melted into a thousand pieces while viewing their masterpiece, the purity and genuineness of it’s simpleness filled my soul and although evaporation and sunshine will inevitably take their toll on Mr Snowman, the joy of creating will remain

& oh, those details

& only minutes ago this morning ???!??


Ever so subtle and quiet and ! ! poof !! wonderfully instant our brand new day awaits with it’s teeniest of tiniest, itty-bitty privileges of being HERE and NOW

& ooooooh, the details.

Enjoy those details.

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So