Cheese Chunks

Cheese Chunks

That’s what I call them because, err, that’s what they are.
& every time I eat one, I am reminded that I not only call them by an improper name, I devour them the wrong way too.


If string cheese was meant to be separated and eaten in a slow and tedious process as I have been informed by those who eat string cheese the supposed right way, then WHY isn’t it packaged as such ??
Line those STRINGS up nice and orderly and I will more than happily comply.
yep yep
Instead, I am handed a lovely wedge.
A hunk.
A slab.

& seriously, what do you makers of cheese expect outta me ?!?
Three, maybe four bites, ’cause  THAT’s how one eats “string” cheese.

I should take a poll
& some sweet day, maybe I will.

How do YOU eat this delightfully delectable cheese bar ?? I would curiously inquire

& I’m pretty positive I already know the world’s answer.

Uh huh.

Chomp ! Chomp !
Gulp. Gulp.
Yum ! Yum !
Gone. Gone.