Quiet Reminders

Quiet Reminders

To write or not to write.


I woke up this a.m. feeling as if I’ve hit my wall. There’s just nothing there. I’ve emptied out. Too many distractions. I’m tired. I can’t. Excuse after excuse came tumbling through my brain as to why I should bother. Who will care ?? besides me and my persistent inner voice, of course. Unnoticed is what I’ll be. Boo flippin hoo. Woah is me.

That’s the precise moment I decided to sit my laptop and myself on the back porch, where I could listen to the morning sounds and experience the entrance of a brand, new today

& YaY

It’s quiet,
soooooo wonderfully quiet.
Just me, the crickets and their nighttime gig.

I notice that the birds are hushed longer these days, have they left for their Winter retreat already ? or maybe they are just sleeping in.
I miss them though, so I wait and listen for that very first song.

I gaze at that sky.
ohhhh !! that sky

& yes, I am humbled, once again.

Coffee’s ready.
I fill my favorite mug to the rim, enjoy the glorious fragrance and sip that very first sip
& oh yeah
It is always the best.

Back to my laptop.

I’m distracted by the scurry of those squirrels,
busy, busy, always busy
& I think !! windows !!
oooooooh, how I’d love to keep every single window uninterruptedly W I D E open allllll year long
& perfectly on cue, there’s that tweet tweety tweet tweet, good morning tune.

ahhhh Life.

! LIFE !

Just when, no, make that, ESPECIALLY when I fear that I may have used up my word quota and I become consumed with whattowritewhattowritewhattowrite you refocus my brain, you offer me wonderful, you remind me
& just like that, the sun has arrived.

Hello Today

& welcome back, Writer.

Oh Yes I Can