My Cosmic Friend

My Cosmic Friend

Do trees have souls ?  are the words I googled as I searched for reasons why I feel I’ve “lost” my BFF. But to be honest, I don’t really care what those religious and/or science minds have to say. I know because I have felt and yes, she does.

So if you’re thinking, ahhh geez, there she goes with her crazy tree talkin’ again, please feel free to exit this building. It’s universe connections I’ll be expressing and how after years of chugging along, doing my best, living this life, I am sooooo now understanding and realizing the absolute awesomeness of being.

Yesterday’s blog mentioned that I talked to this beautiful friend of mine daily and openly

and it’s true, she was part of my network, a family member welcomed at each and every event and through the years, she, quite literally, heard it all. My happy, sad, confused, my rants and raves. I’d stare at her every single night and pour out my soul, she became my conduit to a higher power, through her, I spoke to the universe, to the pal I call Jesus and from her I’d receive vibes or messages or whatever one dubs that inner calling.

As she was aging and as those seasons took their toll, I’d once in awhile worry about her fragility. Could she withstand another storm ?? and I sometimes feared those winds would make her tumble but the feeling I’d receive in return would be a constant, continuous drumbeat of don’t worry !! I will not cause harm

& so, I’d mosey along informing those concerned someones who would ask about her size and old-timer ways, She told me she’s taking herself down, limb by limb

& that’s exactly what she did, in the quiet of the night or in mid-afternoon, she’d break apart when no one was around, when no one was looking.

But the older she grew, the more I wondered. Should I ? COULD I ? call those tree guys to cut her if she became a hazard ? I mean, there are kids in the neighborhood who happen into our yard all the time,

what if ??

or there’s the family next door and their hammock that relaxes right smack THERE !! and

what if ??

or there’s me, cutting the grass and minding my biz and

what if ??

& still my tree buddy would whisper, I will not cause harm.

I glanced at her the day before she left and noticed a tilt. The closer I looked, yep, she was leaning to the right where she hadn’t been before and WHAT IF ??!??

I was standing in the kitchen in the early morning hours when I heard an undeniable CRACK and I cried to myself and Husband, there she goes and with a powerful T H U D, it was over, the keeper of my secrets, released from her boundaries.

She told me not to worry, I whimpered and a true-blue promise was beautifully kept. That cottonwood tree chose predawn as her departure time and folded herself in such a way as to not break or bother anything or anyone but herself and I am amazed by her incredible unselfishness.

What will we do with the dinosaur in our backyard now that she’s crumbled to pieces??

I’m not sure although lovely ideas and mementos are being offered and pondered. One thing I do know is I will take a small portion of her bark and place it upon my necklace to carry her with me wherever I go.

Do trees have souls ??

I’ll leave that to the bigger brains to decipher and decide.  All I’ll say is that I love that tree and I will mourn that tree because she had an energy that I witnessed and experienced for many, many years

& if that ain’t every pinch of a universally cosmic connection ??


‘Cause Jesus Told Me So




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